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If you are under investigation, arrested and charged, or were wrongfully convicted or sentenced, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney Scottsdale, AZ. At Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC, our skilled lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused.

Our team consists of former prosecutors, with one of our attorneys having served as a former police officer and judge. We have deep insight into how the justice system functions and know how to build effective legal strategies. We have a track record of success and have obtained favorable results for past clients.

Our team has handled thousands of cases and are ready to provide the defense you need. Call us at (480) 616-8229.

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The criminal justice system is complex. If you go your case alone, you might not be aware of the various regulations you and the State must follow. One misstep can cost you your future and freedom. This is why it’s crucial to retain legal representation right away.

We are committed to defending people caught in the criminal justice system. Whether you are under investigation, charged, on trial, or need to file an appeal, we are here to help.

We represent individuals who have been accused of a wide range of criminal offenses, including but not limited to:

The Arizona criminal justice system has harsh sentencing guidelines. Thankfully, you have a constitutional right to have an attorney on your side throughout your case. Exercise this right and ensure you are represented by a proven lawyer with extensive trial experience. At Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC, our Scottsdale criminal defense lawyers have argued 70 jury trials, and we know how to present compelling cases.

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If you are facing criminal charges in Scottsdale, exercise your right to remain silent and contact our firm immediately. What you say and do in the initial stages of a criminal case can have a significant impact on the outcome. We offer legal protection, support, and guidance.

Criminal charges can result in life-altering consequences. Call Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC today at (480) 616-8229 or submit an online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation with our criminal defense lawyers Scottsdale, AZ.

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Over 40 Years of Collective Experience

Over the length of their careers, the attorneys at Oliverson & Huss have helped thousands of people successfully fight their criminal charges.
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Highly Communicative & Responsive

Our attorneys will work closely with you, diligently keeping you fully informed and updated on your case from beginning to end.
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Former Prosecutors & a Former Judge

As former prosecutors, police officers and judges, our attorneys have experience on all sides of the law. This special insight allows them to better defend your case.
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Team Approach to Your Case

At Oliverson & Huss, you get access to three experienced attorneys who work together to achieve the best possible result for you.

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