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If you’re facing criminal charges, an experienced Scottsdale AZ criminal defense lawyer like the legal team of Oliverson & Huss Law can help.

A Scottsdale Criminal Defense Attorney for DUI Charges and Other Offenses

Although you hope never to need a Scottsdale criminal lawyer, criminal law is complex, and convictions can result in permanent consequences. Often, people get caught up in violent crimes in the heat of the moment or are even falsely accused, resulting in a criminal case.

Criminal charges can result in a permanent criminal record along with other life-altering consequences like devastating fines or jail time. You require the legal services of Oliverson & Huss Law, who offer free consultations to prospective clients. Our law group cares about our client’s case and works to foment optimal attorney-client relations.


The Right Law Team Will Offer Advice and Legal Representation for Criminal Cases

If you are under investigation, arrested and charged, or were wrongfully convicted or sentenced, you need the help of a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona. At Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC, our skilled lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused.

The team consists of a former felony prosecutor, with one of our attorneys having served as a former police officer and judge. We have deep insight into how the justice system functions and the know-how to build effective legal strategies. We have a track record of success and have obtained favorable results for past clients.

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Our team has handled thousands of cases and are ready to provide the defense you need. Call us at (480) 616-8229.

Scottsdale Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney


You need an experienced attorney for legal representation even if you feel you did nothing wrong. The criminal justice system is complex. If you try to fight your criminal case alone, you might not be aware of the various regulations you and the State must follow. One misstep can cost you your future and freedom. This is why it’s crucial to retain legal representation right away.

The right firm is committed to defending people caught in the criminal justice system. Whether you are under investigation, charged, on trial, or need to file an appeal, we are there to help.

We represent individuals who have been accused of a wide range of criminal offenses, including but not limited to:

We provide legal representation for different types of criminal traffic cases including charges of aggravated DUI, underage drinking and driving, and vehicular manslaughter.

The Arizona criminal justice system has harsh sentencing guidelines. Thankfully, you have a constitutional right to have an attorney on your side throughout your case. Exercise this right and ensure you are represented by a proven lawyer with extensive trial experience.

When it comes to domestic violence offenses, they are investigated thoroughly and prosecuted aggressively throughout the State of Arizona. Due to the consequences a mere allegation of a domestic violence offense carries, it is essential to consult with a skilled, and knowledgeable domestic violence attorney.

At Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC, the Scottsdale criminal defense lawyers have gained years of experience by arguing 70 jury trials. They know how to present compelling cases in order to obtain the best possible result.


An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Scottsdale to Provide a Strong Defense

If you are accused of an offense, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Scottsdale to avoid long-ranging consequences. The right law group can offer advice to help you understand the laws regarding a variety of drug crimes, including:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacture
  • Possession
  • Sales

There are many potential ramifications to being convicted of drug charges. In many occupations, having a record is prohibited, and driving restrictions may also be instituted.

Criminal charges can result in life-altering consequences. Call Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC today at (480) 616-8229 or submit an online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation with our defense lawyers Scottsdale, Arizona.

You Want the Highest Rated Scottsdale Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Side


The right Scottsdale criminal defense lawyer in a local office makes all the difference in a range of situations. The attorneys at Oliverson & Huss have received multiple awards, including a National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys Top Ten ranking. They have also accepted membership into the American Society of Legal Advocates.

As experienced counselors, our team knows what to do and can advise on a range of criminal problems.

For example, many people don’t realize that if they refuse to take a blood alcohol test, they may be charged with an extreme DUI and lose their driving privileges. A public defender will likely recommend a plea bargain, which is unlikely to get the license reinstated and will result in a criminal record.


Effective Scottsdale, AZ, Criminal Defense Law Firm

Being charged with a crime can be a terrifying experience. Misdemeanor offenses investigated by the Scottsdale Police Department are typically filed in the Scottsdale City Court. However, felony cases investigated are referred to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for prosecution in Arizona’s Superior Court.

Arizona misdemeanor crimes are not punishable with prison time, although offenders may end up in jail. In addition, some misdemeanors are similar to felonies, but the classification of the crime is determined by the extent of loss suffered by the victim and the extent of harm the crime has caused. Generally, misdemeanors are punishable with a fine of up to $2,500, and up to six months of jail time, depending on the circumstances of the crime.

Felony crimes carry potential sentences of a year or more in state prison and even a death penalty in some cases, along with up to $150,000 of fines in addition to serving time in prison.

Felony and misdemeanor convictions carry long-term and serious consequences. Typically, the State of Arizona doesn’t allow expungement or sealing a criminal record, so a conviction may stay on your record permanently. So, being convicted of a misdemeanor could result in being barred from licensing in some professions, while having a felony on your record can make finding a job or housing rather difficult.

Our Scottsdale criminal lawyers have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of criminal and DUI cases with over 40 years of collective experience. With a former prosecutor, a former police officer, and a former judge on their team, they possess in-depth knowledge and experience handling different criminal law and even complex felony cases.


How a Criminal Justice Attorney Can Help

When choosing a criminal justice attorney, you want to select a law firm experienced in dealing with local police officers, as well as state and federal statutes.

Oliverson & Huss Law has a convenient contact form to schedule an appointment to discuss your felony charges or misdemeanor charges. A former prosecutor has an intimate relationship with the Scottsdale police, understands both sides of the legal process, and can determine the best ways to defend you against DUI charges, violent crimes, or other felony charges in Maricopa County.

A Maricopa County attorney at our Scottsdale office location can explain your legal options when you have been arrested in the following areas:

  • Phoenix metro area
  • San Tan Valley
  • Scottsdale area

When you select an attorney for a free consultation about disorderly conduct charges, a domestic violence case, or drug crimes, you want to choose a local criminal lawyer who knows the local laws and area law enforcement officers.


Aggressively Defending Those Accused of a Range of Crimes in Arizona

No one ever wants to reach out to a Scottsdale defense lawyer, but when you face criminal charges in Scottsdale, exercise your right to remain silent and contact our firm immediately. What you say and do in the initial stages of a criminal case can significantly impact the outcome. Oliverson & Huss offers legal protection, support, and guidance.

Learn about the highest-rated criminal defense lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona, for advocacy for a range of felony and misdemeanor cases, such as aggravated DUI defense, domestic violence, drug crimes, personal injury, property crimes, tax fraud, and violent crime. Law enforcement officers take felony cases very seriously, and criminal cases are prosecuted aggressively, which means you will require top representation in Scottsdale City Court.


The Right Representation

Many of our clients wonder what to look for when searching for the right Arizona criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer who spends time to develop a strong attorney-client relationship and willingly provides qualified legal advice are just two things you should look for in a lawyer.

We are serving Scottsdale and individuals charged with a crime around Phoenix, Arizona. Our team has handled thousands of cases involving dangerous crimes and is ready to provide the defense you need. Contact us today at (480) 616-8229 or submit our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with our criminal defense lawyers in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ.

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