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Which Is Worse: Criminal Trespass or Burglary?

Arizona's criminal trespass and burglary statutes both prohibit "entering or remaining unlawfully" in or on residential or commercial property or a fenced-in yard. Essentially, the laws mean that if a person is not authorized to be on or...

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What Is A Post Conviction Appeal?

Even if a person is convicted of a criminal offense, there are still avenues to possibly appeal the conviction and/or sentence. Every criminal defendant in Arizona has the right to appeal their conviction because it is a constitutional...

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Assault Vs. Aggravated Assault In Arizona

The line between assault and aggravated assault can be hard to understand. Arizona, like most states, has a slightly varied definition of assault or aggravated assault. As a result, we’ve provided an analysis of the two below to help...

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Clearing a Criminal Record in Arizona

We understand that mistakes happen in life. When those mistakes manifest themselves as criminal convictions on your record, it can be hard to progress in life. Having a criminal record can affect your employment opportunities, education...

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Is Fighting a Crime?

With everyone having an opinion about something, it's possible you'll get into a disagreement with someone about the way a matter should be handled. The interaction may first begin as a simple argument, but the talk may become more...

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What Happens If a Sex Offender Fails to Register?

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender in Arizona Anyone who is convicted of a felony sex offense or attempted sex crime in Arizona is typically required to register as a sex offender in the state’s Sex Offender Database. The purpose of...

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What’s the Penalty for a Hit and Run in Arizona?

An unfortunate fact is that many motor vehicle accidents happen every day. In Arizona in 2019, there were a total of 129,750 car crashes, and of those: 911 resulted in fatalities; 36,926 resulted in injury; and 91,913 resulted in property...

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What Does It Mean to Recklessly Commit a Crime?

If you've ever read a statute in Arizona's criminal code or read an article about a crime that has been committed, you might have come across the term "reckless" in the description of the offense. For example, ARS 13-1604, aggravated...

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