5 Ways a Drug Conviction Can Affect Your Future

Nov 4, 2020

Even the smallest criminal conviction has the potential to turn your life upside down. Hiring an Arizona drug crime attorney will be the best chance to clear your name or reduce your sentence. Being caught for drug possession and drug distribution can lead you to face criminal charges, which can have long-lasting ramifications.

These are the five ways in which a drug conviction may affect your life.

1. Employment Opportunities

Although there are equal employment opportunities, they do not extend to those convicted of crimes. Some jobs, such as those requiring a security clearance, might be out of reach if you have even one drug-related charge on your record. Additionally, many other jobs will require background checks, which can put you out of the running for a job you’re otherwise qualified for because of a past mistake.

2. Loan Eligibility

Having a criminal record may result in an immediate denial when you apply for loans. Financing and loan companies want the assurance they will be repaid on time. Unfortunately, you may be categorized as a high-risk client, which will affect your ability to get any loan.

3. Child Custody

If you are involved in a child custody battle, a criminal conviction will not help. Your character and parenting abilities may be questioned because of a past conviction. Drug charges can follow you around for life, and they can weigh into custody decisions, even without any continued history of drug use. The other parent may use this as ammunition to gain full custody of the kids.

4. Gun Ownership

Arizona laws prohibit those convicted of a felony to possess ammunition or a firearm. Violating this law is a class 4 felony and is punishable by up to two and a half years in jail. Your rights to restore firearms depend on meeting certain conditions, such as completing probation.

5. Reputation

If you are charged with drug possession, it may not take long for word to spread to your neighbors, friends, and coworkers. This can alter your reputation and relationships, making it more difficult to participate in local events and activities.

Fighting Drug Charges in Arizona

Defending drug possession charges can be extremely difficult, but it’s not impossible with the right person to represent your case. It’s crucial that you find a competent lawyer who understands the challenges you may encounter. At Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC, our team consists of former prosecutors, a former judge, and a former police officer. We have the experience and skill to win your case.

Start your defense now. Call Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC today at (480) 616-8229 to discuss your case.


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