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David Greenberg


Meet David

David Greenberg is an Arizona criminal defense attorney. He graduated from the University of Florida, received his Law degree in 2010, and has been a practicing attorney for over the past ten years. During law school he began his training in Criminal Defense by working in the office of the Public Defender helping protect the rights of indigent defendants.

After law school David moved to Arizona, and has been committed to protecting the rights of Arizonans as well as anyone facing criminal charges in Arizona. He is a highly skilled defense attorney, who has the passion to protect your rights and pursue your case in court.

David is committed to making sure you receive the best possible defense and outcome in your case. Over the years he has successfully defended numerous felony, misdemeanor, and DUI cases. David is dedicated to helping you get past one of the most challenging times in your life through his great work ethic and attention to detail in developing your defense.

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