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When hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you will need to discuss your legal options. Attorneys approach cases differently based on the specific facts of your situation as well as their own experience, skill, and education. When you hire Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC you benefit from a former judge and prosecutors applying their experience to your case.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges, it is vital that you hire an experienced and aggressive Arizona criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure the best possible result. Once you retain representation, your lawyer will handle everything from routine paperwork to cross-examining witnesses in the courtroom. Your attorney can also lay out the best defense strategies for your case’s specific circumstances.

To bolster your case, your attorney may introduce evidence and interview witnesses, with the goal to create reasonable doubt that you committed any of the charged crimes. Your attorney may even present a self-defense argument if you are facing charges like assault, manslaughter, or murder, in which case you may argue that you had to use force to protect yourself.

We offer free consultations, during which you can discuss the specifics of your case and learn about your options. Call (480) 351-2228 today.

The Power of a Team

When things are bad, you need the best. 
  • Over 40 Years of Collective Experience

    Over the length of their careers, the attorneys at Oliverson & Huss have helped thousands of people successfully fight their criminal charges.

  • Former Prosecutors & a Former Judge

    As former prosecutors, police officers and judges, our attorneys have experience on all sides of the law. This special insight allows them to better defend your case.

  • Highly Communicative & Responsive

    Our attorneys will work closely with you, diligently keeping you fully informed and updated on your case from beginning to end.

  • Team Approach to Your Case

    At Oliverson & Huss, you get access to three experienced attorneys who work together to achieve the best possible result for you.

Award-Winning Criminal Defense

A legal team you can count on.

  • 10.0 Avvo
  • AATA
  • ASLA
  • NADC
  • NACDA Top 10
  • BBB
  • Expertise

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

We've helped thousands achieve positive outcomes.

  • 2 Counts of Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer All Felony Charges Dismissed
  • 2 Counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon All Felony Charges Dismissed
  • 25 Counts of Fraud Schemes All Felony Charges Dismissed
  • 2nd Degree Murder Hung Jury in Favor of Not Guilty
  • 3 Counts of Aggravated Assault All Felony Charges Dismissed
  • 3 Counts of Aggravated DUI All Felony Charges Dismissed
  • 3 Counts of Assault with Injury and 1 Count of Trespassing Not Guilty on All Charges After Trial
  • 3 Counts of Criminal Damage All Charges Dismissed
  • Aggravated Assault & Aggravated DUI (Multiple Counts) All Felony Charges Dismissed
  • Aggravated Domestic Violence and Home Invasion All Felony Charges Dismissed

Personalized Defense Solutions

Not only experienced, but effective.

Judicial matters can be complicated, and we are on hand to answer your questions and keep you informed on every aspect of your case. We take great pride in using our experience to benefit you. A primary reason for our success is the in-depth knowledge of our firm’s founders, attorneys Derek Oliverson and Jeremy Huss.

Derek Oliverson is a former police officer, prosecutor, and judge. This rare combination of experience provides Derek with direct insight into the parties involved in a criminal trial. Derek is very experienced in police procedure, DUI investigations, and is one of the few attorneys that has testified in a DUI trial as a police officer, prosecuted a DUI trial, and also presided over a DUI trial as a judge. With this unique combination of experience, Derek is now protecting people’s rights as a criminal defense attorney. He provides invaluable insight to clients based on his well-rounded experience.

Jeremy Huss is a former 13-year prosecutor with extensive experience involving the most serious crimes in Arizona, including homicide, child sex crimes, sexual assault, drug trafficking, and all types of violent crimes. Jeremy also has significant experience with DNA, ballistics, and fingerprint evidence. This experience provides our firm with a thorough understanding of the legal system and prosecutorial strategies. We know the tactics the prosecution will likely use, and we devise our legal defense to counter these tactics.

When you consult our Arizona criminal defense lawyers, you can rest easier knowing your case is in good hands. Contact Oliverson & Huss Law PLLC today for a free consultation.

Client Reviews

We are with you all the way. 
    I could not have found a better attorney. I will always say that Mr. Huss helped save my life.

    “My results were better than I could have ever wished for. "Thank you" does not even begin to express the gratitude and respect I have for the expertise and emotional support I received from Jeremy Huss.”

    - Sara
    Hiring Mr. Oliverson was a true blessing and the best decision I have ever made.

    “There are no words of how thankful and grateful I truly am. He is very thorough with all details, very prompt and accessible with all communication. I highly recommend Mr. Oliverson to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, reliable and professional attorney.”

    - Former Client
    Derek’s firm and experience got ALL the charges DROPPED as if nothing had ever happened!

    “I feel very grateful and appreciative for the firm. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome to conclude that case.”

    - Cheyne
    Thank you, Derek, for being the type of attorney needed in our court system.

    “Our daughter was not guilty of the charges filed against her and you strove to prove her case and to prove that what she said was the truth and was innocent.”

    - Millie
    Jeremy is the attorney for you.

    “Jeremy calmed my emotions by getting back to me via text email phone call letting me know step-by-step as to the proceedings and the possible outcomes and in the end my felony DUI was reduced to a misdemeanor.”

    - Craig

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